Contrasts: History Meets Modernity


Peter Penar




Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Sony A7IV

More about the Photo

In recent years, Ethiopia’s skyline has experience significant change with some of the largest growth among cities in African countries. Despite the building, the inauguration of a city rail system, and a capital-driven economic agenda, the presence of meaningful historical icons punctuates communities and the burgeoning skyline. In this photo we see the Lion of Judah, which is a symbol that has imbued Ethiopian symbols, including representing the monarchical past, the pre-Derg flag, currency, and the connection to the Rastafari movement. The Lion of Judah is foremost a religious symbol that spans religious traditions. In this photo of contrasts, the Lion of Judah looks on at one of the largest new financial building in Addis Ababa.

Peter Penar, PHD

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia