Mentions and Advocacy

Part of my work involves sharing expertise and advocacy to deepen democracy, promote sustainable livelihoods, and ensure quality education for all.

Ecowas Confronts
Yahya Jammeh

In 2016, then president Yahya Jammeh lost his own managed election process to Adama Barrow in The Gambia. In the wake of the election, Jammeh accepted the results and later claimed there were election irregularities. ECOWAS sought to enforce the election result and ensure Jammeh’s exit from power. In this period of uncertainty, I engaged in analysis and advocacy to encourage enforcing regional norms of peaceful transitions of power.

Interviews on the BBC World Service regarding The Gambia’s 2016 election and ECOWAS (2017)

Interview on the BBC about the stand-off between ECOWAS and The Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh (2017)

Public Opinion and

Elections are an important part of the democratic process. However, elections the world over have significant flaws. In my work, I reflect on how citizens’ perceive elections and their role in the process. My aim is to encourage transparent, competitive, and meaningful elections.

Interview with Thabo Mdluli on South Africa’s PowerFM about constitutional reform efforts in Côte d’Ivoire (2016)

Op-Ed Advocacy

Public Service

Achieving sustainable livelihoods and greater equity often intersects with the policymaking process. In a series of work, I looked carefully at the extension of public goods and how expectations for delivery vary cross-nationally. I sought to advocate for new policy approaches to public goods procurement, most notably reliable electricity.

Interview with Bruce Whitfield on South Africa’s 702 and CapeTalk radio station program, The Money Show about access to electricity in Africa (2016)

Interview with Thabo Mdluli on South Africa’s PowerFM about access to electricity in Africa (2016)

Peter Penar, PHD

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia