Consulting and Speaking

I work with and support organizations, governments, and individuals to achieve social impact in the development and governance, education, communications, research, innovation, and financial development spaces. You may reach out via e-mail to explore areas for collaboration.

Areas of Expertise

Development and Governance

Support for organizations, governments, and international institutions to develop transparent, consultative, and effective governance processes with measurable outcomes.


Support for organizations and educational institutions to design curriculum and programs, digital engagement, mentorship and student support, industry-institution relationships, and policy development.


Support for organizations, governments, and institutions to craft and implement effective communication strategy, multimedia creation, digital outreach, research translation, and collaborative communities.


Support for organizations and individuals to apply and implement advanced research methods, research design, survey and in-country research, effective grant writing, and the translation of research for diverse audiences.


Support for organizations, educational institutions, and individuals to translate research into social innovations, including human centered design, market testing, stakeholder engagement, and financial partner engagement.

Financial Development

Support for organizations, educational institutions, and individuals to obtain sustainable financial support, including granting writing, stakeholder engagement, impact evaluation and storytelling, and sustainable budgeting.

Public Policy

Support for organizations, governments, and institutions to design effective public policy in the areas of democracy, elections, public good procurement, and regional integration.

Approach to

My approach to collaboration and support emphasizes the values of equity, collegiality with mutual learning, transparency, sustainability, and impact-oriented and data-driven decision-making. To learn more about my ongoing and past collaborations, you are welcome to reach out.

Peter Penar, PHD

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia