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What the return of Gbagbo could mean for Ivory Coast’s 2020 election from The Conversation

Despite former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo’s absence, he continued to influence opposition party loyalties in the country.

Technology for fieldwork

Which equipment should I use for fieldwork? Audio recording and notetaking may be an important part of your data collection efforts. There are a number of microphones and notetaking options that can be easily deployed in the field.

How The Gambia is testing West Africa’s resolve to protect democracy

How The Gambia is testing West Africa’s resolve to protect democracy The Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh is under pressure from regional leaders to cede power.

Controversial constitutional referendum sparks distrust in Cote d’Ivoire from The Conversation

The proposed new constitution would allow Alassane Ouattara to remain as president. Opposition parties see this move as a constitutional “coup” that will also protect his allies.

African citizens have very low levels of trust in how elections are run from The Conversation

Results from Round 6 (2014/2015) of the Afrobarometer suggest that African citizens have low trust in the election institutions. This suggests that grievances with elections from opposition parties and civil society may be broadly supported by citizens.

Gabon violence reflects longstanding and deep mistrust of election handling from The Conversation

Gabon’s closest election since independence has erupted into controversy and violence. President Ali Bongo, who succeeded his father’s 42-year rule in 2009, claims the narrowest of victories over challenger Jean Ping. My article details public opinion data from Afrobarometer regarding election quality and support for democracy in Gabon.

What lies behind Africa’s lack of access and unreliable power supplies – from The Conversation

Africa still has numerous electricity challenges to overcome, but several countries are getting it right when it comes to providing electricity to their people.